Rates for Chisago County Abstract Company - Minnesota

Doc Prep $135.00
Closing Fees
Buyer $250.00
Seller w/Buyer $225.00
Seller out of office $275.00
C/D / Cash out of office $275.00
Witness Only $200.00
Exam (Buyer)
(Charged in cash transaction for checking taxes etc.)
New Abstract from Patent $500 plus
$8.00 per entry
Abstracting - (Seller) $250.00 plus
New Abstract when CCAC has Master Abstract $300 plus
$8.00 per entry
30-40 year searches $300.00 plus
$1.00 per page
30-40 year stub abstracts
(includes name and asssessment searches
$8.00 per entry
Recheck within 3 months $25.00 plus
$1.00 per page
Tract Check/Title Search/O&E
in Chisago, Anoka and Washington Counties
$100.00 plus
$1.00 per page
Tract Check/Title Search/O&E
in Isanti, Pine, Ramsey and Hennepin Counties in Minnesota
Polk and Burnett Counties in Wisconsin
$150.00 plus
$1.00 per page
Assessment Search - (buyer)/ Title Ins. $40.00
Name Search - Research $30.00 per name
Doc Retrieval $25.00 plus
$1.00 per page
Recording Service Fee $25.00
Walk Thru Recording $50.00 per document
Courier Fee (for payoffs, etc.) $25.00 each
E-Doc Fee (Closing Packages) $25.00
Plat Drawing $60.00
Priority Inspection $100.00
Title Insurance Premiums - Owners & Loan Policies See Rate Chart

*Land splits - taxes (current & delinquent) must be paid in full.

State Deed Tax (seller charge): $3.30/M based on purchase price, $3.40 in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties

Mortgage Registration Tax - $2.30/M except Hennepin and Ramsey Counties which is $2.40/M based on Mortgage amount